William S. Frantz

16345 Englewood Ave.

Los Gatos, CA 95032

(408) 356-8506


Major Strengths

• Operating System Architecture

• Secure Distributed Systems

• Communication Software

• Highly Reliable and Secure Systems

Skills & Services

• C, C++, Java, PL/I, Pascal, Basic, Algol 60/68, Fortran, Forth

• Assembly languages for the Sparc, Motorola 68000 and 88000, IBM/370, 6502, Varian 620, SDS 940, IBM 1620, IBM 650, Royal Precision LGP-30

• Cryptographic protocols: DSA, Diffie-Hellman , SHA1, Triple DES

• Electronic commerce, community based computing

• Linux, Macintosh, Unix, Solaris, Windows

• Palace Plug-Ins

Professional Experience

Periwinkle, Los Gatos CA
Consultant, Systems Architect: Emphasis on system architecture, security, and data communications.


Developed plugins for the Palace server to enhance its security and operation.

Developed a financial system in Java with a Netscape plugin to access local storage.

Developed low-level assembler code for a Sparc based OS kernel.

Implemented ZMODEM file transfers on an IBM/VM/XA system.

Built an X.25 to 370 network interface system using an IBM PC as the controller.

Converted a MVS VTAM LU6.2 communication program to VM/ESA and VAX/VMS.

Built a garbage collector for an object oriented database.

Developed economics based resource allocation strategies for network services.

Communities.com (aka Electric Communities), Cupertino CA
Capability Security Guru: Developed software to enable network based communities, including EC Habitats, a Java based secure distributed 3D online community; The Palace on-line chat client and server software, and the Passport browser plugin client/server suite


• Designed and implemented an automatic download system for signed code.

• Designed and implemented software to support online trading of virtual goods.

• Designed and implemented extensions and security fixes to Iptscrae.

• Designed and implemented plugins to improve security for The Palace server.

• Designed and implemented a secure communications protocol based on TCP.

• Designed and implemented a Java class file parser and class loader which allows untrusted code to run as part of an application.

• Designed and implemented an interface which allows Java RMI to use the E secure communications protocol and coexist with the E runtime.

• Participated in the design and development of algorithms to support optimistic remote invocation, remote references, and the three party handoff of remote object references.

Key Logic, Santa Clara CA 1985 -1991
Company Founder, Scientist: Key Logic developed and marketed KeyKOS, a secure, highly reliable, capabilities based microkernal.

• Designed and implemented an interface to a public data network including 3270 emulation for use by a customer's VM/XA operating system.

• Ported IBM 370 Assembler version of KeyKOS to a C for Motorola 68000 and 88000 machines.

• Designed and implemented serial I/O drivers for the Motorola machines.

• Designed and implemented the KeyKOS I/O system, featuring automatic mirroring on multiple disk devices, extensive arm motion and rotational latency optimization, and a checkpoint/restart facility that encompasses all programs and data in the system.

• Designed and implemented a high performance transaction processing facility.

• Designed a secure (B3 level) POSIX compatible interface.

• Enhancement a command language interpreter which features built-in help facilities, command files, pipes, and I/O redirection.

Professional Activities

•Share (IBM Mainframe User's Group)

Interactive Interfaces Project Manager

Strategic Issues Group member

Interactive Systems Task Force member

Human Factors Project Officer

Language Futures Task Force

Administrator: VMSHARE and PCSHARE

• SPKI Working Group of the IETF

• Invited speaker, 3rd USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce, 1998

• E Open Source Project <http://www.erights.org>: Contributed TCP based secure communications protocol.


• Gnosis, An Operating System for the 1990s, 1979, Share Inc., Chicago, IL 60601

• Computing for the Information Age: The Report of the Interactive Systems Task Force (INTERSYS), 1982, Share Inc., Chicago, IL 60601

• KeyKOS &endash; A Secure, High-Performance Environment for S/370, 1987, Share Inc., Chicago IL 60601

• The KeyKOS® Nanokernel Architecture, in Proceedings of the USENIX Conference on Micro-Kernels and Other Kernel Architectures, April 1992 USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA 94710

• Object Oriented Transaction Processing in the KeyKOS Microkernel, for the USENIX Second Symposium on Microkernels and other Kernel Architectures, September 1993 USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA 94710

• RFC 2693, SPKI Certificate Theory, September 1999

• Capability-based Financial Instruments, Proceedings of Financial Cryptography '00 or http://www.erights.org/elib/capability/ode/index.html


Garden City High School, Garden City, N.Y.

1962-1963 Dartmouth College

1966-1967 Harvard Extension

1980 University of California Extension, Design & Implementation of Modular Software; Abstraction, Specification, & Validation

1988-1989 Conversational German, West Valley College

1990-1994 Mandarin Chinese, San Jose State University and Foothill College

1991 Studio and Field Television Production, Foothill College