A. Peri Frantz

16345 Englewood Ave.

Los Gatos, CA 95032

(408) 356-8506


Major Strengths

• Software Quality Assurance

• Product Delivery

• Software Engineering Process

• Interpersonal Communications

• Requirements Definition and Specification

Skills & Services

• Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, familiar with Unix

• Defect Tracking Databases

• Software Quality and Test Plans

• Web Page Design

• Software Engineering Process

• C, Java, Basic

Professional Experience

Apple Computer, Cupertino CA
Manager/ Engineer, Java Product Engineering (1999-2001)


• Managed the team responsible for testing, managing the build process, engineering installers, packaging and delivering Java for both Mac OS 9 & Mac OS X.

• Delivered compliant JREs for inclusion in 3 successive Mac OS X runtimes.

• Shipped a major upgrade to Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ), and a series of maintenance releases, culminating in MRJ 2.2.5, Apple's final Java release for Mac OS 9.

• Coordinated internal testing and issue resolution with Sun to meet the requirements for JRE compliance on both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

• Coordinated internal testing and issue resolution with Oracle to achieve Gold Certification for use of Oracle 11I with MRJ.

• Implemented processes for measuring and tracking software quality.

Manager, Java Development Team (1996-1999)

• Brought Apple into the Java revolution.

• Built and managed the team responsible for the (MRJ), Apple's fully integrated implementation of Sun's Java Runtime Environment.

• Sustained development during a period of serious corporate instability, shipping four major releases of MRJ.

• Established the Apple/Sun collaborative engineering process for Java on the Macintosh.

Manager, ETO Software Development CD (1994-1996)

• Transformed ETO, Apple's quarterly CD of software development tools, from a chronically late, bug ridden mix of incompatible components into a respected, fully integrated set of tools which supported the leading edge of Apple's evolving technology.

Coordinated the back-porting of the Code Fragment Manager (CFM) from the PowerPC to the 68000, thereby enabling the use of shared libraries on Apple's legacy systems.

Test Lead, Core Tools (1993-1994)

• Wrote the quality and test plans for CFM in Mac OS 7, Apple's first Power PC based operating system.

• Provided technical leadership for the CFM test team, leading to delivery of an extremely stable system software component.

Periwinkle, Los Gatos CA
Consultant, Contract Programmer: Emphasis on SQA methodology, SW Engineering Process, Software Requirements definition.


• Gunung Buda Project & Lava Beds Research Center Capital Campaign: Web site design, implementation, and maintenance.

• PowerUp! Software Company, San Mateo CA: Evaluated functionality of testing organization, and recommended restructuring to improve effectiveness. Test Lead on three projects.

• Grafpoint, San Jose CA: Conducted a study of potential communications enhancements to a Macintosh based terminal emulation product.

• Key Logic, Santa Clara CA: Ported proprietary operating system modules from IBM 370 Assembly Language to C.

• C•ATS Software, Palo Alto CA: Established quality assurance team and procedures, reviewed documentation and recommended strategies for future development.

• Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, CA: Developed requirement specifications for a bug tracking database. SQA Test Administrator for several software development projects.

• Lockheed Data Plan Inc., Los Gatos, CA: Developed C-based Macintosh program to display aviation weather maps.

• TeleLearning Systems, Inc. (Electronic University), San Francisco, CA.: Designed and implemented interpreter and communication modules for proprietary courseware language.

Professional & Non-Profit Activities

• Association for Computing Machinery

• National Speleological Society:

Chairman 2003 National Convention

Life Member

Secretary / Treasurer 1990 National Convention

Monthly column in NSS News 1988-2000

Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary of local chapter

Secretary/Treasurer Western Region 1993-current

• Cave Research Foundation

Joint Venturer SEKI & MIKI projects

Principle Investigator on LABE Project for
    Virtual Valentine Project.


• Berkeley High School, Gradualted 1963

• 1963-1967 Reed College, Portland Ore., BA Chemistry.

• Continuing education

West Valley College: Accounting, Business Law, Spanish

San Jose State: Mandarin Chinese

Foothill College: Manadrin Chinese, Studio Television Production

Apple On-Job-Training: Managment Skills, Intro to Cocoa Programming