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The Year 2000 Expedition: In late January of 2000, the fourth joint American/Malaysian Expedition to Gunung Buda will begin and will continue for six weeks. Up to 22 cavers will be based out of a jungle camp along the Medalam River across from Gunung Mulu National Park. We will make day trips from base camp and other outlying camps into the caves. Underground our work includes documenting the caves through maps, and photographs. Research projects in 2000 will include studies of the area's bats (Mary Wenzel); the cave invertebrate community in these biologically rich caves (Jean Krecja, University of Texas and Christopher Richard, CA Museum of Natural History); the protozoa found in the caves (Lynne Jesaitis, University of CA, Berkeley); sediment sampling for paleomagnetic dating (Andrea Futrell, University of Akron); and a look at the strange, painful human ailment known as Mulu Foot (Dr. Roger Mortimer).

Additionally, Robert Childs is conducting the Borneo Caving Online Education Project for middle school students.

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