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On all three Expeditions, the Gunung Buda Project has worked closely with the National Parks and Wildlife Division of the Sarawak Forest Department. From the beginning, one goal of the Gunung Buda Project has been the evaluation of the Gunung Buda area for potential inclusion in the Gunung Mulu National Park. Without adequate information about the caves, it has been difficult to justify Park status for this area. Now however, the needed data is beginning to accumulate, and even though much remains to be done, a management plan for a potential new Park is in its early stages.


Dave Gill

Dave Gill has been the Gunung Buda Project's principle liaison with the Forest Department for all three Expeditions. He has been invaluable in obtaining permits, identifying study areas, and establishing relationships with the necessary agencies. He also monitors the project, making sure we stay within the terms of our permits, and that the Sarawak state government receives the Expeditions results. After many years with the Forest Department, Dave is now working for Ranhill Bersekuyu, a project management firm that expects to be involved in creating the Management plan for development and tourism in the Gunung Buda area.

Johnny Baei Hassan

Johnny is one of our Sarawak guides, with extensive experience in jungle travel and knowledge of the Gunung Buda area. When not helping with special expeditions, Johnny is a guide at Gunung Mulu National Park, where he takes tourists on trips to tourist caves, wild caves, the pinnacles, and trekking in the tropical jungle.


Roland Gau

Roland is another guide from Gunung Mulu National Park. His broad smile and wry sense of humor keep us laughing. His guitar playing has kept many of us up late singing along. His knowledge of the jungle keeps us out of trouble. At the same time, he and Johnny are learning more about caves, cave conservation, and caving from the Expedition. This close collaboration between the Expedition and the Sarawak Forest Department provides vast benefits to both organizations.

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