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Periwinkle is a husband and wife team with over seventy years combined experience in the computer software industry. Our consulting services include software design and engineering for secure reliable systems, quality assurance, technology investigation, and a synthsis of our computer expertise with our life long photography avocation. Because we limit our commitments to projects we will enjoy, you get our fully commited service, and the benefit of our enthusiasm and expertise. Because we work from a home office with low overhead and have no employees, you get this expertise at reasonable rates.

If you would like more information about our services, we'd be delighted to talk with you. You can reach us at

Who are we?
Bill Frantz
Peri Frantz

What can we do for you?

Software design and engineering

Photographic Based Virtual Reality
Technical Paper: System Enforced Transitive Read-Only Objects

Software Testing and Quality Analysis

Community is Key


Hosting Non-Profit Scientific Activities

In keeping with our commitment to community, Periwinkle is proud to host sites for a variety of non-profit, scientific activities.

Lava Beds Research Center

Gunung Buda Expedition